Take a deep breath – Triton, the artificial gills rebreather

Triton artificial gills rebreather

Breath like a fish under water with Triton, the artificial gills rebreather (image: indiegogo/© Saeed Khademi)

Anyone who has seen James Bond in Thunderball will certainly remember the cool, small air cartridges with which James Bond could dip a few minutes under water. Triton, the worlds first artificial gills rebreather, is now walking on the same tracks.

The rebreather from fireball was able to save air for about 4 minutes diving under water. It was such a cool gadget that even the Royal Navy have asked the producers, where they can buy it. Unfortunatly it was only a prop.

It’s now over 50 years later and normaly no one should be surprised if this would be possible now. Nevertheless a unit of this size is still unknown (to me) until now. Ok, I’m not much into diving.

The Triton, that can now be supported on indiegogo, wants tenfold the values ​​of the James Bond rebreathers keeping the same size. 45 minutes under water at rudimentary same size? How is this supposed to work? One thing is clear: with the usual method of filling bottles with gas isn’t possible on the dimensions.

Triton operates on an entirely different concept. It imitates the gills of fish. A membrane should be able to pass through only the oxygen from the water. With a small battery-powered compressor Triton pulls the air out of the water so you can breath it. This principle should work up to about 15ft under water.

When the battery is low Triton warns of the user with vibrations. So you have enough time to show up.

At $ 299 Triton is not a cheap fun. Although it is still significantly cheaper than a regular equipment with regulators and bottle. Given the almost incredible innovation you should remember that you received a large financial risk here.

Generally you can say with crowdfunding campaigns that the probability of a crash landing is directly related to the degree of innovation. What is the likelihood that someone will develop a principle that is oriented to the gills of fish? Good question. I can not answer it honestly. But if it is possible it would be a surprised for me if no one else was able to implement this principle and make money from it before. The military applications should also not be neglected. Because that I find it strange that Triton needs to be financed through a crowdfunding campaign.

Works with a special membrane and a water filter (image: indiegogo/© Saeed Khademi)

Works with a special membrane and a water filter (image: indiegogo/© Saeed Khademi)

Anyone who is interested in Triton should preserve patient and wait until the rebreather is really finished, has been tested and is regularly on sale. The savings of $ 100 compared to the targeted market price should not justify the risk of a complete loss.

The good:

  • A great innovation (if it works)
  • Small and lightweight
  • Cheap compared to classical diving equipment
  • Let you feel like james bond

The bad:

  • Not sure if that can be implemented. Update: With the information from DeepSeaNews Trition should be impossible to be implementet. So this is more a ugly thing…
  • The security must be proved

The ugly:

  • Extreme innovations come with extreme risk , if it is feasible
  • If Triton proves as not reliable you will play with your live

Update (29.03.2016):

DeepSeaNews has done the math and claims, that Triton has to getting trough 90 liters (24 gallons) per minute with 100% extraction efficiency to privide enough oxygen for a dive. With this information Triton seems to be a big scam.