Keep cool – Tonbo, the flying fan

A fan over your head? No problem with tonbo, the flying fan drone (image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

A fan over your head? No problem with tonbo, the flying fan drone (image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

And again another nonsense of the week candidate: Tonbo, the flying fan drone.

Anyone who has ever let fly a drone will have noticed that they are blowing a lot of air. Ok, this is also not a big surprise for anyone who does not have a drone yet.

This air must also be used, the ladies and gentlemen of: Dsin thought and so Tonbo was invented. We have  at first sight a common drone. Only the cable to which Tonbo flies differs him from his unexpected relatives.

Tonbo on the leash

The idea is actually very simple. Tonbo floats over the owner’s head on hot days like a tethered balloon. The exhaust air of the rotors then provides a pleasant wind. The cable has two reasons. On the one hand, Tonbo can not run away, and on the other hand, he does not hit the head after five minutes.How big the Powerbank is in the backpack is left to your own.

On a second glance, however, the idea should not be quite so trivial. At least if you do not stand on the spot Tonbo nevertheless rarely stand over the head of the owner. And if you’re standing there should not be too strong winds. But in the case of a strong wind, the use of the fan will not be necessary anyway.

More than hot air?

In how far now a specially to the application case adapted control software is used I couldn’t verify at this point. Would not be wrong, because otherwise you could grab any drone which comes to your mind and provide it power cable.

With $ 200 plus ancillary costs it will move us in the slightly higher-priced segment. So this better should not be a pure toy anymore.

(image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

(image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

Who puts 350 $ on the table gets also a camera. Whether Tonbo can also be used as a normal drone is also a good question. There is nothing in the video related to a remote control.

And who is so far not yet quenched enough should ask himself, how he can handle with noise. Such a drone is not necessarily quiet. Especially not if it hovers over your own head at a small distance.

Maybe you should rather go with the good old cap with a built-in fan.

Tl; dr

Tonbo is a drone on the rope, which is to float above the head and send cool air to the carrier.