From racing bike to high-speed donkey -– Tailfin, the ultra-light carbon bike rack & panniers

A nice looking rack for your road bike - Tailfin (image: kickstarter/ ©  Tailfin)

A nice looking rack for your road bike – Tailfin (image: kickstarter/ © Tailfin)

A rack on your roud bike? Are you kidding? Too heavy and looks poor. But on the other hand … if you are for example a triathlete who just wants to make a coupling training the rack could quite become interesting. Finally a place for the neo and indeed a bicycle lock fits in, too. So let’s take a look here at Tailfin, the ultra-light carbon-rack.

There are indeed, a number of reasons why you want to have no rack on road bike as I already indicated above. Those things are heavy, and looking stupid. Also you don’t need them often enough, as that could not be solved with a backpack. From the problems of an assembly I would not even begin.

Tail Fin has taken on this complaint. At just 275 grams and up to 18 kg load we have to deal here with a real lightweight. So the main argument can be seen as disproved.

The optics Looks impressive. In addition to a black and white version you can order the carrier in a carbon look. That should at least give you absolution from many bike purists at the second glance.

Finally Tailfin is fitted or removed within a short time. For this purpose, the rear axle is replaced by a special skewer that can hold the rack. This can then be clamped fast with a quick release. The other end of the carrier is then fixed on the seat tube. Here, however, is likely the biggest question mark of the project. Although advertised with a carbon-friendly clamp you should look in advance, if that fits. Extreme aero seat posts probably will not be suitable.

Since Tailfin actually consists of only three struts, it is very advisable to order the accompanying bag, too. Without it the system doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

The rack is unfortunately not a bargain. For the pure carrier one must still good place $ 210  / € 190 plus shipping and taxes on the table for the Early board yet. With pocket one lands currently at about  $ 255 / € 230.

Is it worth it? For material and manufacturing point of view, I think so. Whether you Tailfin offers enough value to justify the price, you can ultimately only answer by  yourself.

Easy to mount... (image: kickstarter/ ©  Tailfin)

Easy to mount… (image: kickstarter/ © Tailfin)

The good:

  • Cool design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount

The bad:

  • Only usable if you order the matching bag
  • Not sure, if every seatpost can handle the Tailfin
  • Not cheap

The ugly:

  • Well, road bikes and a rack… You have to decide by your own