Folding wonder – Prefeel, the “automatically” foldable folding bike

The fastest folder - Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

The fastest folder – Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

Again an interesting folding bike concept: The Prefeel claims to be the first automatically foldable folding bike. Of course we have to take a closer look at it.

As an old Foldy fan, interesting folding bike concepts in my german blog are already a good, old tradition. But since we have already seen there yarious ideas it is not easy to astonish me. But the Prefeel has some fresh ideas, which are absolutly worth talking about. But one after anonther.

In the unfolded state, the Prefeel looks like a normal folding bike. However, a few attachments and the frame curving forward to the side quickly fall into the eye. The attachments are castors and a handle, which in the folded state allow the owner to push the wheel like a trolley upright through the area.

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