Not a zero – Raspiboy, the Retropi handheld

Raspberry Pi as a handheld - Raspiboy (image: © 8b craft)

Raspberry Pi as a handheld – Raspiboy (image: © 8b craft)

Early Bird Alert on Nicholas Day. On 6.12.2016 the kickstarter campaign for the Raspiboy will start. Sounds like Raspberry Pi. So this should be worth a preview of the story.

The Raspiboy is actually a small Raspberry Pi. More specifically, a Raspberry Pi Zero. This is combined with an interface board, a display, a few buttons and a battery quickly to a Game Boy emulation station.

As it seems, 8b craft will be primarily offering the Raspiboy as a kit. But do not worry, you do not need any experience in SMD soldering. Rather, we have to do with a plug-in kit, which is also easy for the non-electronics technician to put together. Just have a look at the video. The assembly looks really quite simple. Reminds me a little of the assembly of a toy from a surprise egg. Only without chocolate.

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