Swiss movement – MOSKITO, analogue smartwatch and bike computer in one

This has style - analogue smartwatch as a bicycle computer, the Moskito (image: ©

This has style – analogue smartwatch as a bicycle computer, the Moskito (image: ©

Since the makers of the analog bike computer Omata have been silencing since July, it is nevertheless nice that now with the Moskito Smartwatch / Bike computer a new concept is preparing it’s launch.

So that you can spontaneously prepare on it, I would like to give a first outlook. Unfortunately, many technical data are not expected until Monday. But the pictures, which already exist, look very sexy.

The Moskito is actually a device with two application areas. On the one hand, we are dealing with a Smartwatch. However, since the Moskito is only completely based on an analog pointer display, one can assume that the Smartwatch functions will be more limited to vibration alerts for incoming messages and calls. A paired smartphone provided of course.

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Folding wonder – Prefeel, the “automatically” foldable folding bike

The fastest folder - Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

The fastest folder – Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

Again an interesting folding bike concept: The Prefeel claims to be the first automatically foldable folding bike. Of course we have to take a closer look at it.

As an old Foldy fan, interesting folding bike concepts in my german blog are already a good, old tradition. But since we have already seen there yarious ideas it is not easy to astonish me. But the Prefeel has some fresh ideas, which are absolutly worth talking about. But one after anonther.

In the unfolded state, the Prefeel looks like a normal folding bike. However, a few attachments and the frame curving forward to the side quickly fall into the eye. The attachments are castors and a handle, which in the folded state allow the owner to push the wheel like a trolley upright through the area.

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Security blanket for your bike – the bike blanket

(image: kickstarter/© Matt Franks)

(image: kickstarter/© Matt Franks)

Not only Linus needs a security blanket. Sometimes your bike needs one, too. The bike blanket is a cool little gadget for all who love their bike.

If you have to change often the location of your bike with car, bus or train you will be familiar with this problem. A bicycle bag or even a hard case is bulky and it takes a long time to cram the wheel there. And sometimes you even have to the dismantling the bike to fit it in.

And when you get on site? Where should you just leave your bag or case? Could be a problem. Indeed it is not every time a complete protection of the bike necessary. One wants only prevent that the toolbox hits your beloved frame inside the trunk. Or if in the train more bikes must be parked side by side. Then, when the beautiful clear coat of your Carbon racer gets a big scratch from the Dutch city bike next to yours … bad mood is guaranteed. A pure protection for the frame must be found.

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SpeedX Leopard Smart Road-Bike

Great style, cleanand no wires - SpeedX Leopard Pro (image: kickstarter/©

Great style, cleanand no wires – SpeedX Leopard Pro (image: kickstarter/©

The term smart bike is a little bit overrated. Actually this kind of bikes are only already factory-fitted with a slightly better bike computer. Cabling and possibly lighting are here indeed integrated than having supplied his bicycle manually with a cycling computer. Let’s look at how far the SpeedX Leoprad proves to be an interesting piece Bicycle technology.

As it is to be expected, Leopard is equipped with a built in bike computer. The features of the computer are likely the level of advanced conventional devices on the market. In addition to a built-in GPS, the coupling with a smartphone is just as possible as the connection of ANT + devices. The 2.4” display has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The control conceptseems to me very smart. The controller sits on the Ahead-Set-screwing of the stem. Touchscreens are sometimes not the last word and partly only difficult to operate.

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Moox Bike – a realy unique blend of bicycle and scooter

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

If you often cycle through downtown you certainly have wished to change your bike with a scooter. Constantly ascend and descend can be annoying on a normal bike. But switching to a regular scooter results often in slow speed after you’ve left the crowd behind you. A scooter with pedals would be great. No problem, just take a look the Moox bike.

The Moox Bike combines the advantages of a conventional bike with those of a scooter. In addition to a footboard there are pedals. Also, the Moox is equipped with everything a real bike needs. Decent Disc Brakes, 7-speed derailleur, even a suspension fork is installed. To get the maximum comfort the 20 “wheels with fat tire bike coats are provided.

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LENKR, a wooden handlebar for your hippster fixi bike

A handlebar made from wood - LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A handlebar made from wood – LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A cool and clean look need cool parts. Thats the idea behind the LENK handlebar. Just take a plain piece of walnut wood, put some anodized end caps on it, ready.

Well, not completly. To make shure, that the LENKR doesn’t break, it comes with an inner core made of aluminium. That should provide enought safety to avoid breakage.

The LENKR handlebar comes in two sizes:

The first version (type a) has a 31.8mm diameter and 440mm length. With 285g it is not the lightest but of course one of the coolest handlebars on the market.  With about 149 € (163$) the type a is not the cheapes one. But we all know: design has it’s price.

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