Moox Bike – a realy unique blend of bicycle and scooter

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

If you often cycle through downtown you certainly have wished to change your bike with a scooter. Constantly ascend and descend can be annoying on a normal bike. But switching to a regular scooter results often in slow speed after you’ve left the crowd behind you. A scooter with pedals would be great. No problem, just take a look the Moox bike.

The Moox Bike combines the advantages of a conventional bike with those of a scooter. In addition to a footboard there are pedals. Also, the Moox is equipped with everything a real bike needs. Decent Disc Brakes, 7-speed derailleur, even a suspension fork is installed. To get the maximum comfort the 20 “wheels with fat tire bike coats are provided.

The appearance of the wheel is of course especially. Not everyone is a fan of fatties. The deep entry is probably also not for everyone. However, I find that theses issues has been solved Style here very cool. Scooter for adults do indeed usually have a rather strange look. At least the scooters with larger wheels. The Moox is different. Yes, it even doesn’t looks like a lady’s bike with low step. A truly unique.

Of cause there are some questions. How goes the part? Due to the small wheels and the relatively large distance between the pedals and handlebar I would suspect a ride that should probably come close to a modern folding bike. According to Mike Silvestri, the chief designer of Moox, the driving behavior is no different from a regular bike. That was one of the key concerns, on which the development of Moox was based. That sounds very promising.

I just wonder whether the deep entry while crossing from curbs could be a problem. But even if that will be the case, you could quickly get used to it is there. There were times when I was driving regularly about 10 km from band rehearsal to home with a mirco scooter. Crossing a curb with putting a foot on the ground and pushing the scooter over it is a really easy technique. After a short time you do this automatically without thinking. But the design isn’t absolutely final. Raising the platform is still in discussion.

Also fenders are still on the 2do list. I just hope that they will still find their way to the bike. Here in Hamburg, where I live fenders are essential.

The weight of the prototype currently amounts to about 16 Kg. For a Fat Tire Bike it’s a normal value. Obviously it’s not comparable to a carbon-racer or absolutely reduced fixi. The gained comfort and handling facilities should completely compensate the weight.

For the $ 499 you currently have to pay for it you get an amazing amount of value for it. Maybe you can ask, how the Moox people want to make their money with it. But we do not want to complain here.

Very welle equiped (image: © moox inc)

Very welle equiped (image: © moox inc)

The only wish I have for the Moox is if there would be a folding bike version. Mark Silvestri says, that they have already thought about it. Even an electric version is considered. But here, however, we have to wait until we know how the Moox will arrive in the presented version on the market. Let’s  wish them good luck.

The good:

  • Extreme versatile field of application
  • Very well equipped
  • Cool design
  • High driving comfort
  • Low price

The bad:

  • As with any bike that you can not drive in advance the question is if the geometry and the handling performance suites you.

The ugly:

  • If you are not into fat tire bike or low entrys the is a small chance, that the design doesen’t suites your style