Not half-baked – MOKUMONO, a bike with aluminum monocoque frame

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Let’s take  a look at a bike that completely comes without “smart” things. Nevertheless

the MOKUMONO from the Netherlands is still a special one. The culprit is the spacey frame construction.

Anyone who was into mountain bikes in the 90th will remember the design may. The MOKUMONO is in fact a representative of the good old elevated chainstay construction. Here the chainstays have been drawn so far upward that the chain does not need to be threaded between them. Actually quite handy, so you can change the chain without without opening it. Unfortunately this technique come long ago out of fashion.

Nevertheless, since a long time the MOKUMONO the first of it’s kind in this genre. The frame of the wheel is welded together in monocoque construction of two aluminum parts. This looks to me stiff enough to withstand even a stronger acceleration.

MOKUMONO  doesn’t make compromises with the equipment components. In addition to a Gates Carbon Belt Drive a Shimano 105s disc brake and an optional Shimano Alfine 8-speed hub transmission is installed. A Brooks Cambium C17 completes the picture.
What I particularly like is the fact that they have even thought of fenders. The are so many campaigns who have forgotten them. Here in northern Europe is a lack of mudguards not a good idea.

The MOKUMONOs are not the lightes bikes. But 9.5 kg for the single speed and 11.5 kg for the 8 gear version is ok.

The fact that the fun has its price is clear. But at € 1,150 for the Super Early Bird single-speed and 1400 € for the 8-speed version with such an equipment It’s really kind of cheap. Interested parties should be quick. But if you are to late for a super early bird,  the normal Early Birds costs just 100 € more and are still available in sufficient quantity.
The production site Netherlands pays the way out even with the shipping costs. At 50 € for European customers they are also very low for a bike. Nothern americans have to pay 150 €.

The timeline is tight, but doable. A delivery is targeted for November. There are, according to the founders already several prototypes. An experienced partner for the manufacture of the frame should already be on board. Sounds on the sheet not bad. A guarantee that this is so, there is not, of course, as with all crowdfunding campaigns.

From the perspective a delay here would certainly not be so bad. The next bike-season is some month away. Only when the MOKUMONO should land under the Christmas tree, it would make sense to prepare a spare to prevent tears und the tree.

(image: ©

(image: ©

The good:

  • Cool design
  • Durable frame material
  • Good component selection
  • Good price

The bad:

  • Buying a bike without a testride is some kind of risky
  • Just the usual crowdfunding disadvantage

The ugly:

  • Depents on your design taste