LENKR, a wooden handlebar for your hippster fixi bike

A handlebar made from wood - LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A handlebar made from wood – LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A cool and clean look need cool parts. Thats the idea behind the LENK handlebar. Just take a plain piece of walnut wood, put some anodized end caps on it, ready.

Well, not completly. To make shure, that the LENKR doesn’t break, it comes with an inner core made of aluminium. That should provide enought safety to avoid breakage.

The LENKR handlebar comes in two sizes:

The first version (type a) has a 31.8mm diameter and 440mm length. With 285g it is not the lightest but of course one of the coolest handlebars on the market.  With about 149 € (163$) the type a is not the cheapes one. But we all know: design has it’s price.

The second version (type b) has a 25.4mm diameter and a length of 400mm. The shorter diameter and lengths results in the lower weight of 160g and also in a lower price. It costs only 79€ (87 $). Of cause you have to add shipping, customs and taxes as usual to the prices.

The good:

  • Great design with a unique style for your bike
  • Seems quite durable for me
  • German project. They how how to craft and LENKR is already nominated for the German Design Award 2016
  • Various prototypes are allready made.
  • No need of extra handles for you handlebar. The natural feel of wood should be great to feel on your hands

The bad:

  • Not cheap, but I think that you will get what you pay for
  • Shipping in april for the super early birds seems unlikely to me. After a crowdfundingcampaign it usualy last about 3 week until the campaignholder gets his money. I don’t think that they will shipp in advance. The august shippingdate seems plausible.
The b-type of the LENKR (image: LENKR)

The b-type of the LENKR (image: LENKR)

The ugly:

  • Hey, it’s nominated for a design award. So so only ugly could be the beard oft he hippster who will ride a bike with the LENKR