JamStack, the plug in guitar amplifier

 (image: kickstarter/©jamstack.io)

(image: kickstarter/©jamstack.io)

Getting a  4×12”’ full-stack with a fridge size rack right on time to your hand when you want to jam with your beloved guitar isn’t always possible. Ok, and the neighbors will probably thank you, if you do put it on 11 in your bedroom. So maybe you should take a look at JamStack.

Today small amplifiers are not seldom and even smartphones now shine with quite cool amp simulations. Unfortunately you’ve got to fights here most times with handling problem. The smartphone on the knee is nevertheless rather a shaky matter.

Hold it, JamStack

So with the JamStack from my point of view, the real highlight isn’t the technology.

The ability to plug the small 10 watt amp into the strap pin within some seconds is the first highlight JamStack provides. Guitar out of the box, amp plugged in, let’s go. I just wonder how stable the connection between amp and guitar is. For the sofa shredder that should definitely be enough. If you “play” a bit more while playing, you better check out the stability first.

The guitar strap is attached to the rear mounting plate when the JamStack is installed. Whether the extra weight at the end of the guitar makes the handling difficult is not easy to judge. Weighing less than 1 Kg, it weighs less than the weight difference between Fender Strat and Les Paul. But handling depends always also on the distribution of the weight. A point to consider.

The second highlight is the smartphone mounting. This can be rotated so that the smartphone does not stick flat to the guitar and can be viewed from above. This should be significantly more comfortable than the knee tango.

 (image: kickstarter/©jamstack.io)

(image: kickstarter/©jamstack.io)

Jingle, JamStack, jingle

The smartphone should definitely be planted with it, because the sound modulation is taken over by it. JamStack has as far as I can see no own preamp section on board.

Really much more about the sound properties is not reported by the way. So it is a little like buying a cat in the sack. But better than the pure smartphone speakers the sound should be anyway.

With about 130 euros plus ancillary costs for the early bird it is at least a good value for the required money to do … if it will be successfully delivered to the backers.

The technical requirements for the project are manageable. Functioning prototypes exist. With this in mind, I think the delivery date for August 2017 is quite plausible. The usual crowdfunding risks should not be ignored, of course.

Tl; dr

JamStack is a guitar amp for docking to the guitar strap pin.