Cubetto – a toy for teaching coding

cubetto robot (Image: kickstarter/©

The cute little cubetto robot. Just put some bricks onto the gameboard and push the start button. How easy can learning to code be? (Image: kickstarter/©

Cubetto is a toy robot which is programmable by putting small bricks on a gameboard.

Some of you will perhaps remember the good old bigtrack. Just set up some motion commands to drive the bigtrack into the living room and active the lasers. Pew, pew, pew. Still have the sound of it in my ears. My poor parents. I still wonder how they have endured the noise.

Well, the cubetto is much more advanced and of course much quieter. I think that the developers have children, too. Don’t think that any intelligent parent will develop a toy with a infernal volume.

Opposite the bigtrack cubetto is not limited to linear set of commands. Also you don’t have to fiddle around with a crappy keypad. A nice gameboard with easy to install commando brick is suitable for three years old kids.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the little programmable robot.

The good:

  • Cubetto is super cute
  • Learning the basics of using algorithms without any knowledge of reading makes cubetto suitable even for small kids
  • Could be fun for adults either
  • Great concept. Even a subroutine is possible
  • Child-friendly design animates to play predetermined paths. Think about building a labyrinth your kid have to navigate through.
  • Primo Toys claims that they have already build 800 units. So the risc of backing a product which didn’t exist is low

The bad:

  • Cubetto isn’t cheap. So think twice before leaving your child alone with it. It can be tempting to find out what it looks like from the inside.
  • The lack of any sensors could be reduce the long term motivation
The content of a cubetto box (Image: kickstarter/©

The content of a cubetto box (Image: kickstarter/©

The ugly:

  • Nope, no ugly at all