Not a zero – Raspiboy, the Retropi handheld

Raspberry Pi as a handheld - Raspiboy (image: © 8b craft)

Raspberry Pi as a handheld – Raspiboy (image: © 8b craft)

Early Bird Alert on Nicholas Day. On 6.12.2016 the kickstarter campaign for the Raspiboy will start. Sounds like Raspberry Pi. So this should be worth a preview of the story.

The Raspiboy is actually a small Raspberry Pi. More specifically, a Raspberry Pi Zero. This is combined with an interface board, a display, a few buttons and a battery quickly to a Game Boy emulation station.

As it seems, 8b craft will be primarily offering the Raspiboy as a kit. But do not worry, you do not need any experience in SMD soldering. Rather, we have to do with a plug-in kit, which is also easy for the non-electronics technician to put together. Just have a look at the video. The assembly looks really quite simple. Reminds me a little of the assembly of a toy from a surprise egg. Only without chocolate.

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Keep cool – Tonbo, the flying fan

A fan over your head? No problem with tonbo, the flying fan drone (image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

A fan over your head? No problem with tonbo, the flying fan drone (image: kickstarter/©:Dsin)

And again another nonsense of the week candidate: Tonbo, the flying fan drone.

Anyone who has ever let fly a drone will have noticed that they are blowing a lot of air. Ok, this is also not a big surprise for anyone who does not have a drone yet.

This air must also be used, the ladies and gentlemen of: Dsin thought and so Tonbo was invented. We have  at first sight a common drone. Only the cable to which Tonbo flies differs him from his unexpected relatives.

Tonbo on the leash

The idea is actually very simple. Tonbo floats over the owner’s head on hot days like a tethered balloon. The exhaust air of the rotors then provides a pleasant wind. The cable has two reasons. On the one hand, Tonbo can not run away, and on the other hand, he does not hit the head after five minutes.How big the Powerbank is in the backpack is left to your own.

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Almighty Lego – Brixo, the electrical building blocks

(image: kickstarter/ ©

(image: kickstarter/ ©

Everyone, who loves Lego certainly will have the same smile like me if he takes a look at the Brixo project at Kickstarter.

Of course, if you want to bring alive your Lego constructions until now you can already use Lego Mindstorm for several years. But for me Mindstorm, with all its possibilities, is almost way too complex to simply constructions… and far too expensive. Who has not dreamed as a child of two, three special stones for his Lego airplane to make the propeller spin or to illuminate the landing bay your spaceship?

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Cubetto – a toy for teaching coding

cubetto robot (Image: kickstarter/©

The cute little cubetto robot. Just put some bricks onto the gameboard and push the start button. How easy can learning to code be? (Image: kickstarter/©

Cubetto is a toy robot which is programmable by putting small bricks on a gameboard.

Some of you will perhaps remember the good old bigtrack. Just set up some motion commands to drive the bigtrack into the living room and active the lasers. Pew, pew, pew. Still have the sound of it in my ears. My poor parents. I still wonder how they have endured the noise.

Well, the cubetto is much more advanced and of course much quieter. I think that the developers have children, too. Don’t think that any intelligent parent will develop a toy with a infernal volume.

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