Swiss movement – MOSKITO, analogue smartwatch and bike computer in one

This has style - analogue smartwatch as a bicycle computer, the Moskito (image: ©

This has style – analogue smartwatch as a bicycle computer, the Moskito (image: ©

Since the makers of the analog bike computer Omata have been silencing since July, it is nevertheless nice that now with the Moskito Smartwatch / Bike computer a new concept is preparing it’s launch.

So that you can spontaneously prepare on it, I would like to give a first outlook. Unfortunately, many technical data are not expected until Monday. But the pictures, which already exist, look very sexy.

The Moskito is actually a device with two application areas. On the one hand, we are dealing with a Smartwatch. However, since the Moskito is only completely based on an analog pointer display, one can assume that the Smartwatch functions will be more limited to vibration alerts for incoming messages and calls. A paired smartphone provided of course.

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Folding wonder – Prefeel, the “automatically” foldable folding bike

The fastest folder - Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

The fastest folder – Prefeel folding bike (image: kickstarter/ ©

Again an interesting folding bike concept: The Prefeel claims to be the first automatically foldable folding bike. Of course we have to take a closer look at it.

As an old Foldy fan, interesting folding bike concepts in my german blog are already a good, old tradition. But since we have already seen there yarious ideas it is not easy to astonish me. But the Prefeel has some fresh ideas, which are absolutly worth talking about. But one after anonther.

In the unfolded state, the Prefeel looks like a normal folding bike. However, a few attachments and the frame curving forward to the side quickly fall into the eye. The attachments are castors and a handle, which in the folded state allow the owner to push the wheel like a trolley upright through the area.

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So futuristic that we will probably have to wait a long time for it - the Cyclotron Bike (Picture: kickstarter / © Cyclotron Cycles)

So futuristic that we will probably have to wait a long time for it – the Cyclotron Bike (Picture: kickstarter / © Cyclotron Cycles)

Here is a perfect example of a project that will definitely won’t be a successes. The CYCLOTRON BIKE looks really very spacey. How can’t you think about the movie Tron, when you look at it?

In addition to the lighting concept, of course, you will at first notice the lack of spokes and hubs. The rest is formed like a stealth fighter from the 80s. So controls you should have no problems with radar controls.

The spokes loose wheels can accommodate luggage if required. Nice idea, but not the first to come up with it. Just take a look at the TraSport-Bike.

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Watch out, Recon Jet and Garmin Varia – the Solos Smart Glasses are coming

Where is the HUD - Solos Smart Cycling Glasses (image: kickstarter/©

Where is the HUD – Solos Smart Cycling Glasses (image: kickstarter/©

After Google has driven the Google Glass against the wall has withdrawn Google Glass to evaluate the professional capabilities out of the public debate, the topic of Smart Glasses indeed is fallen to sleep. But there is still a range that where a development takes place. Sports or to be more precise: cycling. Ok, now that was obvious. Here smart glasses probably makes the most sense at the current technically possible state of art.

The oldest tree in the wood is of course  Recon with the Recon Jet. Garmin has then joined with the Varia Vision to. But now, one more representative of the Head Up Display, the Solos Smart Cycling Glasses for athletes has arrived at the market.

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From racing bike to high-speed donkey -– Tailfin, the ultra-light carbon bike rack & panniers

A nice looking rack for your road bike - Tailfin (image: kickstarter/ ©  Tailfin)

A nice looking rack for your road bike – Tailfin (image: kickstarter/ © Tailfin)

A rack on your roud bike? Are you kidding? Too heavy and looks poor. But on the other hand … if you are for example a triathlete who just wants to make a coupling training the rack could quite become interesting. Finally a place for the neo and indeed a bicycle lock fits in, too. So let’s take a look here at Tailfin, the ultra-light carbon-rack.

There are indeed, a number of reasons why you want to have no rack on road bike as I already indicated above. Those things are heavy, and looking stupid. Also you don’t need them often enough, as that could not be solved with a backpack. From the problems of an assembly I would not even begin.

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Security blanket for your bike – the bike blanket

(image: kickstarter/© Matt Franks)

(image: kickstarter/© Matt Franks)

Not only Linus needs a security blanket. Sometimes your bike needs one, too. The bike blanket is a cool little gadget for all who love their bike.

If you have to change often the location of your bike with car, bus or train you will be familiar with this problem. A bicycle bag or even a hard case is bulky and it takes a long time to cram the wheel there. And sometimes you even have to the dismantling the bike to fit it in.

And when you get on site? Where should you just leave your bag or case? Could be a problem. Indeed it is not every time a complete protection of the bike necessary. One wants only prevent that the toolbox hits your beloved frame inside the trunk. Or if in the train more bikes must be parked side by side. Then, when the beautiful clear coat of your Carbon racer gets a big scratch from the Dutch city bike next to yours … bad mood is guaranteed. A pure protection for the frame must be found.

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Not half-baked – MOKUMONO, a bike with aluminum monocoque frame

(image: ©

(image: ©

Let’s take  a look at a bike that completely comes without “smart” things. Nevertheless

the MOKUMONO from the Netherlands is still a special one. The culprit is the spacey frame construction.

Anyone who was into mountain bikes in the 90th will remember the design may. The MOKUMONO is in fact a representative of the good old elevated chainstay construction. Here the chainstays have been drawn so far upward that the chain does not need to be threaded between them. Actually quite handy, so you can change the chain without without opening it. Unfortunately this technique come long ago out of fashion.

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In flow – Fontus, the self-filling water bottles

(image: indiegogo/ © )

(image: indiegogo/ © )

Oh, again something from the bicycle equipment area. There are just a lot of projects on the start. So also Fontus, the self-filling water bottles.
Those who prefer traveling in hot weather with the bike (like me) will appreciate a good drop of water. But for longer trips the usual two bottles can sometimes not enough. Ok, such weather you’ll find not often around Hamburg, Germany, where I live.. Nevertheless, such a water shortage during the ride is already stupid. It’s not healthy, you lose power and it lowers the cut.

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Enlightening – FLECTR reflectors

 (image: kickstarter/© The Outsider Team)

(image: kickstarter/© The Outsider Team)

Sometimes the little things are so much more exciting than the big bang campaigns. Well, I could now tell something about the Mr Beam II Laser Cutter, like many other. But today I prefer to take a look on a small project from Munich. With the FLECTR reflectors, the Ousider Team has been put on a cool alternative to the usual cat’s eyes for your bike at the start.

Although the days are getting longer, yet it is not bad to be seen in the dark on the streets. Many of you surely know, too, that reflectors are required by law in many countries. But let’s be honest: Who of you has mounted reflectors on your road bike? Not many. That’s because conventional reflectors weighing much and are looking stupid. Aerodynamics’s usually also rather questionable.

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Pointer on the wheel – Omata One, the analog GPS bike computer

Let's get back the classical style of analog devises on your bike with modern technology - Omata One (image: kickstarter/©

Let’s get back the classical style of analog devises on your bike with modern technology – Omata One (image: kickstarter/©

In the late 70th, early 80th, when I was a kid, the hot shit on everyone’s bike around the block was a speedometer. At that time, the parts were indeed constructed purely analog. A shaft caused by a driver at the wheel made the speed indicator go around. We felt like driving daddy’s car.

Nowadays everything tends to optimize the good old mechanics away. Even the largest bastion of analog valves, the automotive industry, is increasingly on current digital display technology. But now the Omata One cycling computer try’s to bring the classic analog speedometer back on the wheel.

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