A safe one – Bobby, the anti-theft backpack

(image: kickstarter/© XD Design)

(image: kickstarter/© XD Design)

Well,  backpacks actually does not really often be innovative. Somehow you’ve seen it all before. From solar panel or hardcase solutions there is already everything. Somewhere I had even seen a backpack with electric drive. Did not look very practical. Why do I now report about the Bobby backpack from XD Design?

Individually seen for themselves the features that the Bobby offers, certainly art not at all innovations that beats one out of the socks. But the bag is a really good combination of features coupled with great design. That’s good, because in my opinion there is no unique killer feature that makes a backpack a great product. A complete package of features wins here and Bobby could have managed this.

The main theme, that XD Design had in mind when they designed the backpack, is theft protection. How to put a backpack is dispelled everyone has probably told (and hopefully not experienced by yourself). Zippers are opened in the crowd quickly and if that takes too long the bag is quickly and quietly cut with a cutter.

Pickpockets should get problems with Bobby. The backpack is made of a cut-resistant material. Front and side are cutter-proofed. An attempt is indeed certainly not conducive for the appearance of the backpack. But after all, the content stays where it has to be. Let’s hope that the carriers are also cut safe. If not you should carry the backpack not only over one shoulder. But on the other hand it’s generally not a good idea to wear it on one shoulder because in this case the bag is torn down quickly.

The zipper itself is hidden at the back of the pack. It is therefore not seen so easily. An inclined thief will hopefully deterred. He has to search for the zipper and the risk to be discovered it much greater the nearer you come to the person, who is carrying the backpack. The backpack opens to the rear. This is a technique that is more familiar from photo backpacks. But is in my view very well usable.

(Bild: kickstarter/© XD Design)

(Bild: kickstarter/© XD Design)

Of course, the backpack is provided with additional, hidden pockets. These are located in the carrier, on the back and on the inside at the location where the carrier attaches to the backpack.

Thus one is protected not only from thieves but also does not land directly under the car in the traffic, the backpack is still provided with reflector strips. They seems to me a little small but better small than nothing. After all, they blend harmoniously into the design.

Very good is the concept of space inside. A laptop compartment for laptops up to 15.6 ” is located right at the back. So a good weight distribution is achieved. Other pockets and compartments in the interior ensures that nothing is flying back and forth in the backpack.

I like the look. Especially the gray version did it to me. The dark blue variant looks a bit boring

A small gadget is not to be forgotten. The backpack has installed a USB cable extension. So you can store inside a power bank. Just plug your smartphone outside of the backpack in and recharge. Simple but effective. Much more smart stories with a backpack aren’t included.But that’s not bad. That keeps the production simple. Which reminds me one more incident. A Bluetooth transmitter which emits an alarm when the backpack is out of the reach would make sense. Especially when the topic Burglar sets the tone. In case of theft, it is then although usually already too late, but if you should leave the backpack somewhere it would be a nice feature. Could be a nice stretch goal.

After all, we still move forward despite all the features within the normal tailors craft. Great innovations increase the risk that the project drives against the wall. This keeps the risk for the Bobby campaign therefore very limited, not least XD Design indeed already has production experience. For this reason, I hope that the schedule is feasible. The biggest problem for the schedule could be the good feed to the campaign of Bobby. If you have to produce considerably more copies than originally planned, it may somewhat shake up the schedule. But who has ever supported a crowdfunding project is not to worry about a month or two.

The price of Bobby seems to me very good. Although the Early Bird are unfortunately all gone (have one get), with £ 45 you still get a very good value for their money. Whether the quality of the final product is ok you can certainly judge not before September when the backpacks will be shipped.