About crowd-o-funding

Crowd-o-funding is a blog, which will take care mainly with the latest crowdfunding campaigns in the fields of art, sports, musical instruments and toys. To me it’s not about a comprehensive overview of all campaigns. I pick out the campaigns that come as close as possible on my interests and seem most interesting to me.

An objective evaluation of the benefits and risks of the projects is here for me in the center.

About me

I am a web designer from Hamburg, Germany, and operate the blog www.miy.de since 2013. Miy.de rotates similar to crowd-o-funding.com around gadgets from different sectors. However, unlike crowd-o-funding miy is not quite as tightly focused on crowdfunding projects.

I’ve startet corwd-o-funding.com to train my English a little bit more. So if you find awkward formulations and error please forgive me. I hope that I will get better with time.