On your marks – Trinus 3D printer

Looks nice and sturdy - the Trinus 3D printer  (image: © 2016 Kodama, Inc. )

Looks nice and sturdy – the Trinus 3D printer (image: © 2016 Kodama, Inc. )

This smells yet again like a quick funding. On 03/30/16 the Trinus 3D printer launches it’s campaign at kickstarter. Fast fingers can save perhaps a quite interesting appearing 3D printer for $ 199 plus shipping.

Despite this extremely low price (the planned regular $ 299 sound even low) the Trinus 2-in-1 3D printer points out to be a solid and complete metal construction. The printer is made of 11 parts, and even inexperienced prospective should be able to build it up in 30 minutes. And because 3D printing is not enough, it will probably also able to carry a laser engraving head.

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Good e-Reader 13.3“ android e-reader

A realy big e-reader, the Good e-Reader (image: indiegogo/ © Michael Kozlowski)

A realy big e-reader, the Good e-Reader (image: indiegogo/ © Michael Kozlowski)

Although e-book readers are now not hip anymore, in my opinion, they still have a number of advantages against normal tablets. The fact that the manufacturers sticks just so hard to the 6 “form factor is in my eyes the problem. As an e-book reader’s intended primarily for reading books, you should really be able to view the contents of a classic book page at one time. 6” aren’t not enough for this. A far bigger display now Good e-Reader offers with its 13.3″Android E-Reader at Indiegogo.

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SpeedX Leopard Smart Road-Bike

Great style, cleanand no wires - SpeedX Leopard Pro (image: kickstarter/© SpeedX.com)

Great style, cleanand no wires – SpeedX Leopard Pro (image: kickstarter/© SpeedX.com)

The term smart bike is a little bit overrated. Actually this kind of bikes are only already factory-fitted with a slightly better bike computer. Cabling and possibly lighting are here indeed integrated than having supplied his bicycle manually with a cycling computer. Let’s look at how far the SpeedX Leoprad proves to be an interesting piece Bicycle technology.

As it is to be expected, Leopard is equipped with a built in bike computer. The features of the computer are likely the level of advanced conventional devices on the market. In addition to a built-in GPS, the coupling with a smartphone is just as possible as the connection of ANT + devices. The 2.4” display has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. The control conceptseems to me very smart. The controller sits on the Ahead-Set-screwing of the stem. Touchscreens are sometimes not the last word and partly only difficult to operate.

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Moox Bike – a realy unique blend of bicycle and scooter

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the moox bike, the first bike-scooter-hybrid (image: © moox inc)

If you often cycle through downtown you certainly have wished to change your bike with a scooter. Constantly ascend and descend can be annoying on a normal bike. But switching to a regular scooter results often in slow speed after you’ve left the crowd behind you. A scooter with pedals would be great. No problem, just take a look the Moox bike.

The Moox Bike combines the advantages of a conventional bike with those of a scooter. In addition to a footboard there are pedals. Also, the Moox is equipped with everything a real bike needs. Decent Disc Brakes, 7-speed derailleur, even a suspension fork is installed. To get the maximum comfort the 20 “wheels with fat tire bike coats are provided.

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OLO 3D printer – printing with light

A cheap entrance in the world of 3D printing - OLO (image: kickstarter/© OLO 3D Inc.)

A cheap entrance in the world of 3D printing – OLO (image: kickstarter/© OLO 3D Inc.)

While 3D printers have become a whole lot more favorable in recent years, as cheap as the OLO is none. $ 99 for a 3D printer? How does it work?

The basic principle of the OLO is very simple and is based ultimately that OLO will have developed the first Resin that can harden by sunlight. Photosensitive Resin are dehydrated natural resins that until now only could be solidified by a laser. The resin used by OLO should be allowed to be hardened by the light of a smartphone.

If the rest of the technical construction works is quite simple. It only needs a box with glass floor, in which the liquid resin is filled. Then you need a controllable motor plate on which the object to be printed is drawn upwards. Of course, the servomotor which regulates the distance from Resin must be correspondingly accurately. The whole computation is controlled by the smartphone, that also provides the necessary light to harden the resin

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Take a deep breath – Triton, the artificial gills rebreather

Triton artificial gills rebreather

Breath like a fish under water with Triton, the artificial gills rebreather (image: indiegogo/© Saeed Khademi)

Anyone who has seen James Bond in Thunderball will certainly remember the cool, small air cartridges with which James Bond could dip a few minutes under water. Triton, the worlds first artificial gills rebreather, is now walking on the same tracks.

The rebreather from fireball was able to save air for about 4 minutes diving under water. It was such a cool gadget that even the Royal Navy have asked the producers, where they can buy it. Unfortunatly it was only a prop.

It’s now over 50 years later and normaly no one should be surprised if this would be possible now. Nevertheless a unit of this size is still unknown (to me) until now. Ok, I’m not much into diving.

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Guitar Now – a strange way to learn to play guitar

Guitar Now want's to teachyour where to put your fingers for playing chords.

Just put your fingers at the ends of the plastic stripes. Guitar now shows you how to play chords (image: kickstarter/ getguitarnow.com)

Learning to play guitar is not the most difficult thing in the world. Nevertheless, the beginnings are difficult. So if you can get help, take it. Well, I’m playing guitar since about 25 years. My time as a beginner is long a ago. But I still remember that i’ve appreciated every help that I could get. One kind of help today offers you Guitar Now.

Guitar now is a plastic holder which can accommodate interchangeable Chord Inserts. So if you want to learn a chord you have to slide in the chord insert. After that the insert shows you the spot where you have to press your fingers. Just press down the insert and it will press down the string on the fret where it has to be played. Sounds easy.

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LENKR, a wooden handlebar for your hippster fixi bike

A handlebar made from wood - LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A handlebar made from wood – LENKR, the realy cool handlebar (image: LENKR)

A cool and clean look need cool parts. Thats the idea behind the LENK handlebar. Just take a plain piece of walnut wood, put some anodized end caps on it, ready.

Well, not completly. To make shure, that the LENKR doesn’t break, it comes with an inner core made of aluminium. That should provide enought safety to avoid breakage.

The LENKR handlebar comes in two sizes:

The first version (type a) has a 31.8mm diameter and 440mm length. With 285g it is not the lightest but of course one of the coolest handlebars on the market.  With about 149 € (163$) the type a is not the cheapes one. But we all know: design has it’s price.

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Cubetto – a toy for teaching coding

cubetto robot (Image: kickstarter/© primotoys.com)

The cute little cubetto robot. Just put some bricks onto the gameboard and push the start button. How easy can learning to code be? (Image: kickstarter/© primotoys.com)

Cubetto is a toy robot which is programmable by putting small bricks on a gameboard.

Some of you will perhaps remember the good old bigtrack. Just set up some motion commands to drive the bigtrack into the living room and active the lasers. Pew, pew, pew. Still have the sound of it in my ears. My poor parents. I still wonder how they have endured the noise.

Well, the cubetto is much more advanced and of course much quieter. I think that the developers have children, too. Don’t think that any intelligent parent will develop a toy with a infernal volume.

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